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Parque Diana Patagonia

Parque Diana is located in a tropical humid Patagonian Andes system. The area presents mountains covered by dense forests, crystal clear streams and great biodiversity. It is located at the border of two very different worlds: the Andean mountains to the west and the Patagonian steppe to the east. The mountain range is characterized by high peaks covered by snow, lakes and mountains wrapped in forests that change colors according to the seasons.

Parque Diana is the longest standing hunting resort in Argentina with guests from all over the world (mainly Germany, Austria, Spain and the US). Our staff and guides have over 50 years of combined experience to better serve our guests.

Great Trophies

Parque Diana, offers the best trophy quality Red Stag in the country. Mouflon Sheep and trout fishing is also available in the area.
Known as the Monarch of the Mountain, the Red Stag is considered the most beautiful antlered animal and Parque Diana offers some of the largest on earth.


Our main lodge is home for many anecdotes and famous hunting stories. Located just a few steps away from your wooden cabin you can enjoy our fully stocked bar, a spacious dining room, TV room and a lovely living area ideal to relax or read a book watching the river. Parque Diana has 10 mountain wooden cabins each with heated floors, fireplace, mini bar and private bathroom. Our deluxe cabins are ideal to relax and get involved with the true nature of Patagonia.