Hunting & Fishing Paradise

Estancia Los Laureles

Los Laureles is located on the banks of the Parana river, close to Cerrito town. It’s located at 550 km from Buenos Aires. We are proud to boast having the only operation in the entire province of Entre Rios with a dove roost on our property. While great bird hunting in Argentina sometimes comes at the cost of long drives to the field, our strategic location allows for drives which ar by far the shortest among mixed bag lodges. Hunters are able to literally walk to a number of dove blinds located close to the lodge.

High Volume Dove Shooting
Dove shooting takes place the afternoon, and in this area you will have the chance to experience the famous Argentina high volume dove shotting. Millions of birds roost in this area, being the Los Laureles one of the most important in the province.
Magic Duck Hunting
Duck hunting is the main activity in this area and our country is, without a doubt, a great choice particularly for duck hunting. Reserves in Entre Rios province are a permanent habitat for the different duck species in Argentina.
Finest Lodging
Los Laureles lodge is one of the world's finest mixed bag wingshooting destinations. In Argentina, it has unarguably been the finest mixed bag hunting destination for the last twenty years. Surrounded by rivers and white sand beaches, Los Laureles is a hunting and fishing paradise.