Where the Clouds are Birds

Estancia Cortaderas

Estancia Cortaderas is one of the finest wing shooting and fishing lodges in the world. It is located in the province of Entre Rios just in the North of Buenos Aires. It is no accident that Estancia Cortaderas is quickly earning the reputation as the finest hunting and fishing destination in South America.

The only limit is your desire to shoot
High volume dove hunting has put Argentina on the map as the world's ultimate bird shooting destination. Ducks are typically hunted in the morning, and the limit is a very generous 25 per hunt. The season is May – August, Argentine winter. Watching the sun rise here with ducks passing and decoying is worth the price of the whole trip.
Unique Luxury Lodging
Our brand new Estancia lodge is situated on a cliff 150 ft. above the large Parana River, affording breathtaking views of the river valley from each of its 10 spacious rooms. A long day of hunting or fishing will conclude with a return to the lodge which will be well-equipped for the enjoyment of a relaxing evening. An inviting fire in the living room fireplace and full bar will help set the evening in motion as you begin sampling a diverse array of hors d’oeuvres.